7 Reasons You Should Try Duck Donuts

I have seen people post about Duck Donuts numerous times on Instagram. The donuts looked absolutely amazing, but unfortunately, we did not have Duck Donuts location in Michigan. That is until this year. 

Duck Donuts recently popped up in Troy, Michigan at 2920 W. Maple Road (located in the same plaza as the old Whole Foods before it moved to it’s new Birmingham location). Find a Duck Donuts location near you!

What makes Duck Donuts special?
Duck Donuts is the fastest growing donut shop in the United States and specializes in made-to-order donuts. Essential, Duck Donuts makes plain donuts from scratch and then you get to pick any combination of coatings, toppings, and drizzles that you’d like. Of course, you can also select from their menu of featured donuts. 
11 Reasons You Should Try Duck Donuts
1. Duck Donuts are made-to-order
If you want the freshest donuts you have ever tasted then Duck Donuts is the place for you. Duck Donuts are not sitting out on the counter like your typical donut shop. Duck Donuts are made-to-order, to provide you with the freshest donuts possible. 
2. Duck Donuts offers endless combinations
From sprinkles and chocolate to bacon and peanut butter drizzle Duckzillion Flavors provides you with endless combinations to try. 
Pro Tip: Start with a coating, pick a topping and then choose a drizzle.
3. Pre-set flavor combinations make selection easy
If you’re unsure where to start when it comes to creating your own donut combinations, look at the Duck Donuts menu and select from the signature Duck combinations or limited-time featured assortments. 
4. New featured Duck Donuts arrive often
Something that is unique about Duck Donuts is they are always coming up with new innovative donut combinations so you don’t have to. For the Fourth of July Duck Donuts offered a patriotic featured collection. Currently (during the month of July) they have a Campfire feature assortment. The campfire assortment features anything from a s’mores donut to a vanilla icing donut with graham cracker crumbs…yum!
5. Duck Donuts have a cake-like consistency
The consistency of a donut is critical and Duck Donuts does it right with their cake-like consistency. Which in my opinion makes them more filling than other donuts.
6. Duck Donuts are the must-have party essential
Since Duck Donuts are completely customizable it makes them the perfect addition to any party. Think gender reveal parties (I mean how cute would pink and blue donuts be on a table – and you could give each donut a different drizzle), baby showers, birthday parties, and more. 
7. You get to watch them make the Duck Donuts
That’s right! Once you order you get to see your donuts being made, dipping into your topping of choice, topped, and then packed to head home with you.
I tried 12 different donuts from Duck Donuts (okay, I shared them with my parents and aunt too) located in Troy, Michigan and let me tell you – I was not disappointed. If you live in the Metro Detroit area or are just passing by, stop in, and give Duck Donuts a try. Make sure to try my number one choice sunrise lemon icing with strawberry drizzle. Yum! 

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