Five Things

 [Bike rides with my favorite]

Quarantine week 12, is complete. 2020 is literally straight out of a horror movie, as we enter each new month you\’re left wondering what is around the next corner. This week I found myself spending extra time in nature, and finally (only took 12 weeks) taking some Zoom workout classes with my Miami bestie. Jack and I try to get out every day for a bike ride or hike, we both love adventures. I started making lemonade slushies and they are my newest addition (I will be sharing the recipe next Wednesday!), eating plenty of salads and of course snacking on popcorn. But, the biggest thing at all that happened this week is…. I put rose gold in my hair. Yes, I finally pulled the trigger, and added a little rose gold Overtone to my hair and I am obsessed. I have seriously dark hair and the Overtone rose gold for brown hair worked perfectly, I highly recommend it.

This weekend I will be adventuring out to the water for a little rest and recreation, bonfire, s\’ mores, and of course campfire popcorn. What are your plans this weekend?

 [Snacking on Garrett Mix popcorn]
 [Lemonade slushies in my Blen2Go portable blender]
 [Waiting for the caterpillars to become beautiful butterflies]
[I put some rose gold for brown hair from Overtone in my hair and I\’m obsessed]

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