Movie Review: Never Rarely Sometimes Always

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Whoa. Typically after a movie, I gather my notes and sit down and work on my post. However when Never Rarely Sometimes Always ended I needed to regain my composure – talk about grit! Hands down this are one of the best movies I have seen in 2020. This movie is hard, but so are you and before I even get to a review on the movie I am telling you right now that you will want to check out this Focus Features film Never Rarely Sometimes Always on-demand immediately!

What is Never Rarely Sometimes Always about?
Autumn Callahan played by Sidney Flanigan is a free-spirited, tough-minded 17-year-old high school student. Autumn comes from a neglectful family that is scarping by in a small town in rural Pennsylvania. This film is based around Autumn suspecting that she is pregnant Eliza Hittman is the writer and director and keeps things super dramatic by not talking about a sexual act happening or who the father may be.

Autumn decides to visit a local women\’s clinic that turns out to be very anti-abortion, and soon learns that she cannot get an abortion in the state of Pennsylvania without parental content. So she and her cousin Skylar played by Talia Ryder travel to New York for the procedure.

I just wanted to say that I love how Hittman shows Skylar helping Autumn through the process as well as travels with her across state lines. She really lets the film play out through the body language and facial expressions of the girls who already have an unsettling experience at work each day.

When the girls leave to embark on their journey across state lines, they have to count money first and then all the questions start piling up. Will Autumn and Skylar make it to New York? Where will the girls stay once they arrive? Will they run out of money? All of which are portrayed in the movie, making it feel like you\’re really there in the experience.

Where does the title for the movie come from?
The title of the movie Never Rarely Sometimes Always comes from the Planned Parenthood questionnaire. With each question asked and the answer needs to be Never, Rarely, Sometimes or Always the tensions builds, your heart sinks and the tears might even start to roll.

Final thoughts about Never Rarely Sometimes Always
With a topic of neglect, teen pregnancy, unwanted sexual advances, and abortion – Never Rarely Sometimes Always tackles a lot of hard and gritty topics all at once. The film is filled with raw emotions and actual topics that are important and a reality. I think the movie really made me need time to regain my composure is because of a story a friend I know told me in college, and that made the movie even more relatable and heartbreaking at the same time. I told her about the movie, and she checked it out on-demand and said while it was beyond difficult to watch at times and she wanted to stop, she did stick with it and said that the reality of it is so real and relatable that it gave her a little sigh of relief.

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