Movie Review: Frozen 2

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Show yourself Frozen fans!
Award-winning actresses Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell are back with an even icier twist. Frozen 2 is a sequel you don’t want to miss.
While Elsa was still trying to get a grasp on her powers in Frozen, Frozen 2 reveals a whole new side of magic.
It reveals the true story of Anna and Elsa’s parents’ shipwreck, the history of Arendelle, and the spirits of the enchanted forest.
Mom’s lullaby
Elsa riding on the water to get to Nantahala “where the north wind meets the sea”.
Elsa’s belted ballad in an ice cave
Arendelle has a lot at stake
One thing for certain: there is a lot of snowman sass…
Olaf (Josh Gad) is one of the best parts of the movie. From his story-telling charades and snarky comments, his humor fits the bill for any age group.
Frozen’s fairytale between Anna and Kristoff is almost nonexistent in the sequel. Kristoff spends most of the film stumbling over his words and is left to do a ballad “Lost In the Woods”. It included a lot of ‘80s style music video vibes, which didn’t resonate with the young audience. Being an ‘80s baby myself, I wasn’t that geeked about the scene either — but I will admit I snickered.
If you love Anna and Kristoff, not to worry — Kristoff redeems himself by the end of the film.
I wasn’t sold on the soundtrack during the film (nothing can top Let It Go). However, I listened to it after and fell in love with the songs. Overall I absolutely loved this movie, and will be headed back to theaters and see it again! 

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