Movie Review: Last Christmas

It seems like Christmas romantic comedies have taken a hiatus from the big screen, and have been more present on the Hallmark Channel and Netflix. This Friday, November 8 – Last Christmas will be coming to a theater near you. Last Christmas features music by George Michael, and of course the WHAM!\’s  song we have grown to love \”Last Christmas.\” As someone who absolutely loves romance and romantic comedies, I believe this one missed the mark. Unfortunately, this Christmas, I will not be giving Last Christmas my heart.

Kate played by Emilia Clarke has found herself in a bit of a rut. You see, Kate grew up in Yugoslavia circa 1999 and could sing George Michael like no one\’s business. However, at the present moment, she\’s the woman who drowns her pain in a local London pub. Kate alienates her most loyal friends and well as her family, so she is definitely a hot mess.

Kate spends her time half-heartedly working at a year-round Christmas decorations store (reminds me of Bronner\’s in Frankenmuth Michigan – only smaller), run by \”Santa.\” While working one day, Kate spots Tom (Henry Golding) through the window, this handsome boy drives Kate nuts. He is always telling her to \”lookup\” because that\’s how you see the wonders of everyday life that are above you and all around you. Tom more or less convinces her to start being nicer to people and to herself. Tom says that he works nights, and doesn\’t have a phone because it\’s locked in a cabinet at home, which makes it hard for Kate to find Tom sometimes and this results in a lot of frustration.

One day while searching for Tom, Kate goes into the homeless shelter that he volunteers at and ends up volunteering her, at this moment her mess of life starts to get better. She even tries to do a little matchmaking for her boss \”Santa\” played by Michelle Yeoh, who ends up falling for one of the customers that comes into the Christmas shop. She also calls him \”Boy\” instead of using his name, which…. yeah I can\’t even go there.

Last Christmas has the comedy down but definitely misses the ball on the romance part of the movie. A big reveal comes in the movie, that I personally wasn\’t expecting at all and it kind of ruined the movie for me. I wanted Last Christmas to be good, and yes it goes have it\’s funny parts and feel-good moments, personally, I thought it was bad. The kind of bad that gets a lump of coal in its stocking. I really tried to like this movie, and just couldn\’t. When I think of romantic comedies I want that sickening sweet Hallmark romance and unfortunately, Last Christmas missed the ball completely.

If you go see Last Christmas, let me know what you think of the movie!

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