Movie Review: Abominable is Perfectly Adorable

DreamWorks lasted animated feature Abominable hits theatres this Friday, September 27, and it is hands down the cutest movie of 2019. I was lucky enough to catch an advanced screening of the movie, and today I am bringing you my full review of Abominable.

Abominable opens with a playful and adorable Yeti breaking free from his confinement, and finding his way to an apartment rooftop – where Yi discovers him. Yi is a resilient teen who has been working odd jobs to save money to take a cross country trip that she and her recently-deceased father had been planning. When Yi discovered the Yeti she realizes that not only is he harmless but he is injured and she uses some of her hard saved money to get supplies to heal his wound. Yi discovers that the Yeti is just trying to get back to his Everest home, and she decides to name this adorable little guy \”Everest.\”

Shortly after his discovery Yi and two neighbors, Peng (pint-sized basketball love) and Jin (the ladies man) find themselves on an adventure of a lifetime. The three travel across the country to get Everest back to, well, Everest, so he can be reunited with his family. Of course, it cannot be that easy they are being chased by the villainous characters.

Throughout their journey, you will find yourself laughing, in suspense and possibly even tearing up. The beautifully animated sequences in Abominable where Everest showcases his magical talents will leave you amazed. For instance, during one of the scenes in Abominable, Everest transforms a field of flowers into a golden wave that rises up and crashes down. You\’ll also find scenes in Abominable that have humor for children, adults and children and adults. The whooping part provides a quick and witty reference to a 90\’s song, that you are sure to get a good laugh at.

Abominable showcases familiar themes; the importance of family, believing in oneself, environmental protection and even friendship – which are all wonderful lessons for children to learn and adults to be reminded of.

If you\’re looking for a feel-good, adorable movie to watch with your family or friends I highly recommend seeing DreamWorks Abominable. It will not disappoint you, and will have you leaving the theatre saying \”that was so cute.\” And, let\’s face it, we could all use a little more cuteness in our lives.

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