45 Self-Care Ideas

My goal for 2019 was to really focus on a happier and healthier lifestyle. I started consuming myself with new workout classes and spending countless hours at the gym. However, I didn\’t see change, which became frustrating, and made me start to rip myself apart. I found myself saying how fat and ugly I was – it just rolled off my tongue like it was nothing. The saddest part was it was still winter in Michigan, maybe the lack of sun was taking its toll, but I found myself in a dark time. I stopped adventuring and spending time outside and was stuck inside trying to avoid the outdoors. Fast forward to summer and my negativity towards myself was awful. I wasn\’t taking my wellness into consideration until one of my friends mentioned me really working on my mental health. I decided to write 45 ideas down that would really help me get back on track to a happy, healthy and positive lifestyle. These 45 ideas were put into a jar and I try to go through a few a week. While I haven\’t made it through all 45 yet, I figured I would share with you the 45 ideas that I had. If you have some that you think I should add, please feel free to let me know. I would love some new ideas and learn how you take care of yourself to elevate your life. One of my favorite things I did from the list was take a digital detox. I loved taking the mental break from all social media and just get outside and really enjoy it. 

45 Self-Care Ideas
1. Take a day off work
2. Drink more water
3. Light a candle
4. Get some rest
5. Take a digital detox
6. Diffuse essential oils (I love peppermint)
7. Mindful coloring
8. Do something creative
9. Exercise
10. Eat healthier
11. Leave toxic/negative relationships behind
12. Declutter
13. Dance like no one is watching
14. Bake something delicious
15. Walk-in nature
16. Learn to say no
17. Buy yourself flowers
18. Use a face mask
19. Meditate
20. Cuddle with your pup
21. Listen to music
22. Watch a new movie
23. Hug someone
24. Go for a hike
25. Practice yoga
26. Write down what you\’re grateful for
27. Go on a date
28. Listen to a positive podcast
29. Create a vision board
30. Breathe deeply
31. Do a DIY project.
32. Practice positive affirmations
33. Eat more fruits and veggies
34. Read a book
35. Compliment more people
36. Compliment yourself
37. Forgive others and yourself
38. Go for a bike ride
39. Hit the trails and go for a run
40. Buy a new outfit
41. Plan a solo vacation
42. Do something nice for someone
43. Try a new fitness camp with girlfriends
44. Take a weekend to just spend time with yourself
45. Make a list of things you want to do each season

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