Zoya Sensual Fall 2019 Collection

Fall is right around the corner, in a few short months we will transition from boat rides to trips up north to see the beautiful color changes. Zoya just released their newest line-up and I think I have fallen in love. Sensual is Zoya\’s Fall 2019 Collection and features a combination of contemporary neutrals and desirable darks.  Zoya Sensual implements the traditional autumn shades we have all come to love. Zoya\’s fall 2019 collection features 12 gorgeous shades that will have you waiting for fall to arrive. Get ready to fall in love with Zoya Sensual!

Zoya Joss
Joss is a neutral hue with a kiss of pink.

Zoya Kinsley
Kinsley is a blushed toned caramel cream. Kinsley is one of my favorite colors for fall 2019.

Zoya Foster
Foster is a warmed-toned hot chocolate colored cream, with pink undertones.

Zoya Briar
Briar is a red-toned dusty terracotta cream

Zoya Margaret
Margaret is the perfect mid-toned classic red. Margaret will definitely be on my nails in October when I am channeling all things Halloween.

Zoya Rashida
Rashida is the perfect ruby red (think Wizard of Oz) with a shimmer of a red micro pearl.

Zoya Etta
 Etta is a vampy warm purple with violet micro pearl to add depth to your nails.

Zoya Ripley
Ripley is a rich boysenberry cream, and definitely perfect for fall.

Zoya Michaela
Michaela is a dusty purple taupe cream and is my second favorite color in the collection.

Zoya Vesper
Vesper is a deep antique grey-violet cream. This color mixes blue and purple to give you a lovely shade.

Zoya Elliot
Elliot is a blackened blue cream. I am obsessed with this blue and already wearing it!

Zoya Ashton
Ashton is a black tourmaline with scattered silver effect and is an October must-have.

Zoya Sensual Fall 2019 Nail Polish Collection Final Thoughts:
I absolutely loved this collection. As someone who lives in Michigan, I always want a collection that channels a midwest fall and Zoya Sensual definitely does. The balance of warmer nudes and vampy varnishes are perfect. Formula wise, the cream\’s are impeccable and everything looks beautiful with just two coats. Zoya Sensual is now available, and is one collection you do not want to miss out on!

Shop Zoya Sensual

Zoya Sensual Trios $30 Each

Individual $10 Each

Zoya Sensual Collection Box $89.95

Sampler A – Zoya Sensual Neuatrals and Reds $60

Sampler B: Zoya Sensual Darks $60

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