Mind, Body and Baseball at Comerica Park

This past Saturday, my Tone It Up bestie Katie and I headed to Comerica Park for Mind + Body + Baseball. The event was put on by Citizens Yoga and The Barre Code of Metro Detroit. This yoga and barre class was held in centerfield before the Tigers took on the Cleveland Indians that night. It was a lot of fun to be on the field where some of my favorite players have previously stood. Janelle Herbert taught the barre portion of the event and Kacee Must taught the yoga part. Previously I have taken barre classes at The Barre Code and have done a few of Janelle’s classes so I was very familiar with her. This, however, was my first time taking something with Kacee, and let me tell you I am adding her to my list of favorite instructors. She is super sweet, kind, down to earth and such an inspiration. If you want to try out yoga I highly recommend visiting Citizens Yoga.

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