Red, White and Made in Michigan

Memorial weekend is right around the corner, and Kroger has you covered with all your made in Michigan needs to complete your backyard barbecue. I don\’t know about you, but I love shopping for items that are made in Michigan, especially when they\’re conveniently located at my favorite grocery store Kroger. To make things even easier Kroger has made in Michigan signs up so you know you\’re shopping from stuff made right here. There are a few staple items every barbecue should have….something to grill, condiments, something delicious to drink and of course you can\’t forget dessert!

Now let\’s talk about some of my made in Michigan favorites that will be headlining the show at my Memorial Day backyard barbecue.

Towne Club: Before I quit drinking pop Towne Club Michigan Cherry was my absolute favorite. Even though I no longer drink pop I know that others love to drink pop, therefore, I make sure I always have some on hand. I especially love Towne Club, because it comes in vintage glass bottles.

Marcia\’s Sweet and Sassy Pickles: I must admit I am a pickle snob! When my great-grandma was with us she would make the best homemade pickles, that recipe got passed down to my mum (who does an amazing job), and then it was passed to me (who just goes to her parent\’s house to make them with her mum haha). The pickles my family makes are amazing, and I usually dislike everyone else jar pickles, that\’s until Marcia\’s came into the picture. These Sweet and Sassy Pickles are my new favorite (sorry mum!).

Sanders Bumpy Cake: You can\’t go wrong with chocolate cake and vanilla cream filling. I love the fact that Sanders sells these personal cakes (it says serves two, but I won\’t tell anyone). These are always a huge hit with guests.

There are a ton of Michigan favorites you can find at Kroger from Better Made Potato Chips to Pop Daddy Popcorn and everything in between. Stay tuned for more made in Michigan posts in the next few months!

Thank you Kroger for giving me the opportunity to check out a variety of made in Michigan products!

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