New Year Intentions: 2019

The start of a new year is a time to reflect and set new goals for the year ahead. ‘New Years Resolutions’ tend to just set me up for failure, thats why I have decided to start setting intentions. For me intentions seem to have less pressure and feel like they’re something that I can actually accomplish. 

What exactly are intentions? Intentions are simply the plans and goals you make to align with your life path. They’re more attainable, and allow you to work toward achieving them at your own pace. When I was setting my intentions for the year I wanted to really focus on the journey rather than an immediate outcome which tends to usually be a main focus. One of my friends told me that if I honor my intentions everyday, it will continue to put me steps closer to my dreams – and I am rolling with it.

Usually I keep my ‘goals’ to myself, however this year I want to share a few of my ‘intentions’ with you in order to hold myself accountable. I decided to break them down into categories to make them simple. While my intentions are long than this, I thought I would just share five of them with you. What are some of your intentions in 2019?

Fitness: The perfect cliche place for me to begin. I think every year I say I want to focus on my fitness and become the best version of myself, however I don’t think I have ever actually achieved this. I just finished reading the book Unfu*k Yourself and it really changed my perspective on a lot of things. It talks about the domain we create, and we achieve what we want. In 2018 I spent time going to plenty of workout classes – I showed up, put in the work, but I wasn’t supplementing it with days spent at the gym – so really I wasn’t helping myself or reaching the goals I want to. That’s why this year I want to spend five days a week at the gym which includes bootcamp classes in the mix. I intend to focus on strength training, and properly breathing during core exercises. Despite my loose skin, sketch marks and cellulite, my goal is to be confident enough to wear a bikini when summer rolls around. It’s January so in reality thats five months of putting in the work to reach my goal – I know that I can do this and I will do it. Of course, I will be sure to share my journey with you through social media and post updates.

Nutrition: In 2018 I learned that meal prepping really isn’t something that works for me. I was spending countless hours in the kitchen, would package my meals in easy to grab containers and then when it came down to it I NEVER wanted what was in those containers. I had so much food waste it was pathetic and a huge waste of money. This year I want to be more mindful of the food I buy, even if it means buying things that are pre-cut for me (hello apples at Walmart). In order to reach my fitness goal I know my nutrition will need to be on point (with desserts and dinner out every now and then). My intention is to eat more fruits and vegetables, drink more water and really try to live an 80/20 lifestyle. 

Career: A week before Thanksgiving I left my job to begin at a new one during the busiest time of the year for an e-tailer. I cannot wait to really move my career this year, and bet the best version of myself.

Faith: This is something very personal for me, that I am sure many of you really haven’t heard me talk about before, but since I am sharing my intentions I figured I needed to mention this one too. I think in order for me to live my best and feel more confident I really need to listen to what the Bible has to say, put my trust in Jesus, and really just allow myself to be vulnerable. 

Personal: I want to travel and go on more adventures, be spontaneous, read more, focus on the good, practice more gratitude, actually show up for myself, do what I say I will do, practice self love, nourish my body with workouts and healthy meals, work on becoming the best version of myself, work on my relationship with myself so I can have a better relationship with a significant other.

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