Restaurant Review: MATCH Eatery and Public House Dessert

  i was gifted the opportunity to try MATCH in exchange for an honest review.
Wouldn’t it be nice to leave the country to grab dessert? I thought so too, and my boyfriend agreed that’s why Saturday we left the United States to grab dessert in Point Edward, Ontario, Canada. One of the neat things about living in the Metro Detroit area is it takes the same amount of time for us to get to Detroit as it does to get to Canada. Even though Canada is close this was the first time I have ever crossed the Blue Water Bridge, and the first time I have ever visited Point Edward (Sarnia) – let alone just left the country for dessert!
We headed to MATCH Eatery &Public House which is attached to the Casino in Sarnia. The restaurant overlooks the St. Clair River, and gives you the opportunity to dine inside or outside. The outdoor patio is gorgeous, and features a bar area, fire pits and comfortable seating so you can grab a drink, enjoy dinner, dessert and more while you watch ships and freighters go by.

Now lets talk about our desserts.
Our waitress told us the Sticky Toffee was her absolute favorite, it sounded amazing so we went with it. We were definitely not let down. The combinations of flavors were perfect, and after seeing us with the dessert multiple tables around us ordered it as well.

We also tried the Blueberry Key-Lime Jar, which was on their seasonal menu (my boyfriend loves key lime and I do not, otherwise we would of shared dessert). Of course, even though I don’t like key lime I was curious to see how theirs tasted. First let me remind you I do not care for key lime AT ALL, and I absolutely LOVED this dessert. If you end up going to MATCH while it is still on the menu, I highly recommend giving it a try, trust me, you will not be disappointed at all.

Make sure you stay late enough to catch a gorgeous sunset, like we did. If you’re craving some good food and gorgeous views I highly recommend checking out MATCH Eatery & Public House– in fact you’ll probably see us there since it’s now one of our new favorite restaurants.

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