Summer 2018 To-Do List

Happy first day of summer babes! Here in Michigan warmer temperatures only seem to be available during my work day and not on the weekend when I actually have time to have fun…. hopefully this changes now that the longest day of the year has arrived. Per usual, to help me get the most out of summer I have made a list of 19 things I want to do. Have something I should add? Leave a comment below or send me a message! P.S. Michiganders, check back Monday to see what I have on my Michigan summer to do list. Without further ado here’s my summer to-do list in no particular order.

1. Go for a paddleboat ride
2. Have a bonfire on the beach
3. Go stargaze
4. Head to the water and paddleboard
5. Eat at a rooftop restaurant
6. Make it a priority to watch as many sunsets as possible
7. Get food from food trucks
8. Fall asleep on the beach under the stars
9. Go for a hot air balloon ride
10. Bike a couple new trails
11. Learn how to swim
12. Go to a drive-in movie
13. Take a spontaneous trip someplace I’ve never been
14. Try out a new (to me) ice cream place
15. Check out a new (to me) brunch spot
16. Visit the zoo
17. Try oysters for the first time
18. Play hooky and head to the beach in the middle of the week
19. Volunteer for something in my community

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