Are You Keeping Up with the Change?

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In a world where technology changes by the day, can you keep up? Is your company performing to the best of its ability, and getting to actually know the consumer? I mean really know the consumer? Do you know where they’re from? They’re age or how they use your website? If the answer is no have no fear there are tools to help you get the information you need to have your business perform at its highest ability. Companies and brands are using things such as embedded analytics to get the information that will be most useful to them. I’m sure you’ve heard of Google Analytics, where you can find out who is on your site, which page they’re on where they are from and so much more. Knowing key components of analytics is what is going to help you take your business, brand or company to the next level. Use Google analytics along side embedded analytics to get the most performance driven information. Some believe that since they’re business has been doing find for the past X amount of years that they don’t have to evolve with the change, and that’s just not the case. Without change, restructuring and knowing who is actually on your website you’re setting your business up for complete failure. Just because something worked in 2000 does not mean it’s going to work in 2018. Analytics, SEO and more have evolved greatly and it’s time for you to make that change as well. Will you make the change? Will you take the next step and bring your business to the top of its game? Make it appear on the first page of a google search. Will you work on paid ads and campaigns across the internet to draw attention to your company? If you can’t do the things needed to improve your companies value, then are you willing to hire someone to take charge and learn the trends? It’s absolutely critical that you know who is on your website and what they’re doing. If people are staying for mere seconds you need to figure out what you’re doing wrong. If you have a shopping cart and people are bailing on the shopping cart see why they’re bailing and figure out how you can fix it. Be proactive and take your business to the next level. I once worked for a company who wouldn’t listen to what its employees were saying and the site completely failed because they didn’t learn the customer, they were charging extra for no reason and it just steered consumers into the arms of our competition including ME because I couldn’t even figure out how to navigate the site. So are you staying still or moving with the time?

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