Ugh Debt, I\’ve Been There Too

I have two strong fears – debt and swimming. Yes I realize they’re both very different fears, however they both hit me really hard. With the help of A I am hoping to concur my fear of swimming. As for debt I actively work hard to make sure that I don’t have any. Do any of you have a fear of debt? If so the Nationwide Debt Reduction Services may be able to help you. When it came to college I didn’t get any scholarships or handouts. I acquired plenty of debt while I was in college. I worked for the school newspaper for spare money for eating out and adventures, but really wanted to just enjoy college without the worry of having a job. I went to classes, adventured, met amazing people and of course stayed out way too late most nights. When I graduated and had to start paying off my debt I about stroked out. $675 a month, how in the heck was I ever going to afford that? I ended up sweet talking them to dropping my payment to $375 a month, which was more manageable for myself – but in my mind I thought I would be 700 years old before I was able to pay my debt. I looked into debt reduction plans, and soon started regretting the amount of money that was spent at school. However without those incredible years I wouldn’t of found myself, met amazing people and had my life completely changed. So at that moment I decided that I was going to make it my goal to have ALL of my college debt paid off by the time I was 30. I picked up extra jobs, put every single penny I was given for birthday and Christmas gifts towards my debt, and cooked a lot of meals at home  and even made my own 100 calorie snack bags at home  Eight months before I turned 30 – I did it. I officially paid off ALL of my debt, and for the first time since I turned 18 I was 100 percent debt free and it was AMAZING. I know everyone isn’t as lucky to get things paid off, but there are Nationwide Debt Reduction Servicesthat can help you get out of the debt you’ve acquired. Debt is scary, and trust me – i\’ve been there too so never feel like your alone or that there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

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