2018 Hyundai Elantra Limited

*I received the Hyundai Elantra Limited  for seven days to test drive, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

It has been an AWFUL winter here in Michigan. Freezing temperatures, ridiculous amounts of snow, and hardly any sunny days. So what do you do when you\’re test driving the 2018 Hyundai Elantra Limited and have a sunny day? You crank the heat, turn on the heated seats and open the sunroof – seriously I need a sunroof in my life. This bad boy gets about 32 MPG combined city and highway, 28 MPG city and 37 MPG highway. I loved how far I could go on a tank of gas.

Blind Detection with Rear Cross-traffic Alert: I really liked knowing when a car was in my blind spot.Rearview Camera with Dynamic Backup Lines: Very clear camera and really nice for helping you parallel park (I actually taught myself how to finally parallel park with this camera) backup and more. What is even better is it lets you know when a car is behind you to ensure you do not hit it.Lane Keep Assist System: This feature lets you know when it thinks you are unintentionally going over a line in the road, and begin to move you back. I ended up having to turn this off because it constantly told me that I was out of my life when I was in it. Also I was constantly out of my lane dodging pot holes haha.Heated seats: Warmed up really quickly which I loved.Sunroof: Definitely loved this feature, and used it even when temperatures were very low.
Backseat: Rear cup holders.
7 Inch Display Audio System: Loved how large the screen was.Infinity Premium Audio System with Eight Speakers + Center Channel and Subwoofer: Music gets bumpin\’.Leather Seats: Super attractive and comfortable.

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