How I am Amping up my Skincare Routine

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In just under a month the official start of spring will be here. Even with the first official start to spring right around the corner, snowstorms through the end of April can still overwhelm Michigan and ice sometimes stays on the lakes until the middle of May. Hopefully that won’t be the case this year, because all I want is sunny days and sunsets again.

Between the lack of sunshine, freezing temperatures and winter winds February has simply wrecked havoc on my lips, hands and legs.  My hands are so dry my skin is literally cracking; it’s absolutely awful and painful. I have a purse chapstick, car chapstick, work chapstick, bedroom chapstick and all of them have been replaced numerous times this winter because my lips are in a horrible state – not to mention I am probably over hydrating them. Don’t even get me started on my snake scale legs…cross.

Lately I have been spending hours online looking for different solutions which even included looking at the brands Behrman Communications represents to see if I could discover a new brand. Nancy Behrman is a powerhouse and has created a company that is filled with other female powerhouses that are making their beauty mark, and represent some of the best beauty brands that are out there.

After reading some material on the Behrman Communications Twitter account, I am working on getting my winter blah face back. I dug through my bathroom cabinet – it was like the never-ending bag Mary Poppins has to find my Clarisonic brush. I am pairing a face cleanser from my dermatologist with my Clarisonic brush, and following that routine up with IT Cosmetics moisturizer in an effort to start to bring back the glowy dewy look to my face before summer arrives. At night I am using a heavier moisturizer on my face with anti-aging properties, then I do in the morning. As for my legs, I am switching up between two different scrubs one is a sugar scrub while the other is a crushed almond to try and sluff off the dead skin that has taken up residency. I have changed lotions multiple times and really haven’t discovered one that I absolutely love, so I decided to start using coconut oil, which while it is extremely greasy it is making a difference in the appearance of my legs. I think my new saying is going to be when all else fails slather it in coconut oil. Anyone have ways they can save my skin during these awful temps?

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