Happy Wax

I love candles, but they’re not really the safest. I am always afraid of accidentally leaving one burning when I leave the house. This is where wax melts come in. No flame means they’re safer – however you still want to use them with caution. I recently tried out Happy Wax, which not only offers stylish warmers but also the cutest wax melts (they look like gummy bears). I am obsessed with mixing them to create my own scent combinations.
• No scrape silicone dish – probably one of my favorite features once the wax hardens it will pop right out of the dish…soooo love that aspect.
• Easy-off timer – set the melters to 3, 6 or 9 hours and you don’t have to worry about shutting it off.
• Natural scent formulations – made using 100 percent natural soy and essential oils.
• Melts are the cutest things ever – they’re made to look like gummy bears.
• Special holiday additions are in other shapes such as a Christmas tree.
• Melts come in a variety of amazing smelling scents  – my favorites are cucumber melon and grapefruit mangosteen.

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