Month: January 2018

Five Things

 Adventures around Avon Nature Study Area   Oh hey, 2018!  We made it through the first week… yay! As you probably have read the end of the year was a less than stellar experience for me, and I was left pretty broken in more… Continue Reading “Five Things”

Restaurant Review: Kruse and Muer

When we first started talking he had asked about my favorite local restaurant, to which I answered Kruse and Muer (seriously LOVE their house salad).  If you have never been to Kruse and Muer before I highly recommend it, their food is amazing. The… Continue Reading “Restaurant Review: Kruse and Muer”

Winter Activity List

Winter can be an absolutely miserable time of year; therefore I always try to make a list of things I want to do that will keep me from falling into the dreaded winter depression. While the things on the list are not daily activities… Continue Reading “Winter Activity List”