Restaurant Review: Kruse and Muer

When we first started talking he had asked about my favorite local restaurant, to which I answered Kruse and Muer (seriously LOVE their house salad).  If you have never been to Kruse and Muer before I highly recommend it, their food is amazing. The atmosphere is on the nicer side of the spectrum, but also has a fun side since you get to draw on your brown paper that covers your table. We had gone to the restaurant previously together, and this time we decided to try their pizza since neither of us had tried it before. We each got a side house salad – it was his first time trying it and he definitely approved. As mentioned above we ordered the pizza, and unfortunately I was a tad bit underwhelmed by it. While everything I have ever had there has been absolutely amazing, I kind of expected more especially with how good the bread is. I can definitely see why people love it though, it has it’s own unique style, and pairs nicely with the house salad.

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