Five Things

 Adventures around Avon Nature Study Area
Oh hey, 2018!  We made it through the first week… yay! As you probably have read the end of the year was a less than stellar experience for me, and I was left pretty broken in more ways than one. However it’s a new year, and I have renewed outlook on life and am ready to face 2018 in the most positive way possible. Between delicious food, great hikes and beautiful flowers the first week has set such a positive tone for year.
With everything going on I had completely lost my appetite, but someone was super concerned about me so he made sure I ate, and we ended up getting beyond amazing mahi mahi tacos at OWL.
 Snow and frigid temperatures present plenty of snow adventures.
*Note: i need new boots these do NOT keep my feet warm at all.
 Beautiful sympathy flowers from my work family.
Homemade Chinese food date night at the boys house.

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