Travel Diaries: Port Huron – Sherman Woods

At the end of summer we had an amazing date in Port Huron. After the date he drove us through Sherman Woods, which was filled with some of the cutest houses that each featured unique characteristics. He informed me that Sherman Woods turns into the cutest little area at Christmastime, and that he would have to bring me there in December because I would love it. Let me be real with you, at that point I didn’t think that was something that would happen. To my surprise it did, this weekend as a matter of fact.  I have to give the boy some serious credit; he really goes out of his way to make things special. These pictures do not even begin to do this place justice, so if you’re local I highly recommend going to check it out. You might even spot some carolers – seriously they totally made our night. Michiganders do you have a favorite spot to visit for amazing lights?  

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