Travel Diaries: Lexington

Being a Michigander I have made my way adventuring around the state, discovering new cities – however I have NEVER been to the thumb before (oh in case you’ve never been to Michigan or met a Michigander before we will tell you where we are from by pointing it out on our hand). Everything has been super overwhelming lately, we just found out my grandma has cancer, Jack spent 17 days being extremely sick (he’s okay now), and my personal life hit some serious hardships. I knew it was time to get out of dodge for a hot minute and headed to Lexington. I have never been to Lexington before (obviously – first time visiting any city in the thumb!) and the quaint town was just what I needed.  The beach seems to be what cures both Jack and I because that little puppers had just as much fun as I did. We walked around Lexington, and enjoyed all the sights. Seriously this town is super adorable. Lake Huron looked absolutely gorgeous, and the weather was even nice enough for us to enjoy a delicious pizza outside at Sweetwater – this restaurant is amazing as they let me have Jackers on the patio. Here’s some pictures from the adventure….

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