The Chicago Diner

Don’t let the ‘Meat Free Since ‘83’ sign fool you, The Chicago Dineroffers some delicious food and even better desserts. Also, Lady Gaga likes to eat there so even more of a reason to check it out when you are in the windy city. My BFF is vegan, therefore I tried out some things I never would of before.

Thai Chili Wings are seitan \”wingz\” with chili lime marinade and Sriracha Ranch dipping sauce. Sesame garnish. Now I wasn’t a huge fan of these, probably because I’m definitely a chicken girl. However they did have decent flavor and my BFF definitely loved them.
  Poutine features Canadian style waffle fries topped with melted Teese Vegan Cheese, country gravy & green onions. With bacon, sour cream and Jalapeno. I really wasn’t a fan the cheese had that fake cheese taste – but the vegan BFF gave them a thumbs up.  
Now lets talk about my favorite part DESSERT! The Chicago Diner has AMAZING shakes, I’m talking so much better than ones made with regular dairy ice cream. We got the Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake and it was heaven….. seriously heaven. 

Of course we being two basic girls we had to get the S’more Brownie Sundae – this is the reason you NEED to go to the Chicago Diner. Layers of rich chocolate brownie, graham crackers, marshmallows, topped with vanilla ice cream, chocolate ganache, whipped cream and graham crackers kind of heaven. (Not we got these to go, and so it wasn’t as pretty as it should be since we forgot about it and let the ice cream melt). 


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