The temperatures are dropping, leaves are falling and the air is turning crisp. Fall is just a brisk minute away and Zoya is ready to steal your heart with their fall collection Focus (crème based) and Flair (metallic based).

Lets talk about Focus, which will have you wanting to throw on a blanket scarf and head to the cider mill immediately.

Charli is an army grayish green and one of my absolute favorites in this collection.

Sia is a bold cobalt blue and is my other absolute favorite in the collection

Lidia is a deep purple with a brighter quality to it.

Desiree is the perfect brown and with football season just underway I see it being used for football nail art in the near future.

Janel is a deeper burnt leaf red.

Hannah is the classic red with a touch of tangerine

Overall I am absolutely obsessed with the Focus collection. Especially Charli and Sia they\’ll be my fall go-tos this year for sure.

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