Single Girl Habits You Shouldn\’t Give Up

A budding relationship is no excuse to abandon single-girl habits that make you happy, keep you san and make you well you.

1. Chopping your hair: Sure your man will probably miss your long tresses, but the thing about hair…. it grows back.

2.  Girly it Up: Your place is YOUR place. Don’t worry about taking your pink, animal print or girlyness down a notch when you have a guy over. My bathroom is as girly as girly gets and no one has complained about it or ever insisted on not using it.
3. TV Shows: Save those for you and your girlfriends, just as you did before.

4. Waiting Around. Not going out on a girls night because he might try and make plans with you is unnecessary. You shouldn’t wait around for a boy when you can be hanging with the girls.

5. Taking the Lead. It’s tempting to lean on a man to make decisions – and so he should, when it comes to where he wants to take you to dinner. But you were capable of buying a bed without his opinion and you still are.

2 Comments on “Single Girl Habits You Shouldn\’t Give Up

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