Creating a Better Version of Myself

Sometimes life happens, and you’re pushed to the edge of a plank. You have two options you can either jump into the water hope to survive or you can jump in and fight for your life. I jumped in and lost control – I stopped going to the gym, I gained weight, I lost my confidence and would put myself down at any opportunity I could. Recently everything clicked for me…. I want to be healthier and happier for ME and no one else. My eating habits changed and my workout game was taken to a whole new level. I am pushing the negativity away and only excepting positive vibes around me. Here’s what’s helping me become the best version of myself:

1. Exercise even if you only have 15 minutes.
A short gym routine is better than nothing.

2. Invest in a fitness tracker.
I’m motivated by goals so my FitBit has made a huge difference in my daily routine.  Sometimes I find myself pacing back and forth in my bedroom just to reach my step goal that day.

3. Mix it up.
I’m currently loving a yoga/pilates, HIIT, cardio rotation.

4. Eat! 
I was cutting so many calories that I was actually putting my body in starvation mode.

5. Foam Roller
That thing has become my saving  grace. I absolutely love it and don’t know how I worked out without one previously.

6. Drinks
I don’t drink at all and personally only drink Vitamin Water Zero, iced green tea and water.

7. Endorphins
I focus on how I want to feel instead of how I look. Endorphins make me happy and I always feel better about myself after working out.   

8. Sleep
I like to be to the gym by 6:30 am which means I’m in bed by 10 am and spend an hour on Instagram before I fall asleep.

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