Get Motivated: Morning Workouts

Squeezing in a workout can be tough. After work I want to do other things besides hit the gym so I have trained (sort of) myself to get up each more and hit the gym. Actually it really gets my day off to a better start. I have noticed certain tips and tricks that make it easier for my to get my booty out the door.

1. Set multiple alarms
When I say multiple alarms I’m talking at least five, starting a half hour before I want to get up. I know if I’m in lazy girl mode I will continuously hit snooze.

2. Lay out everything the night before.
Pants, top, sports bra, water bottle, shoes, keys….check. Scrambling around in the morning is not an effective way to start the day. I have found that when I plan ahead and have everything ready i’m more likely to make it out the door by 7am.

3. Snuggle into your bed early
I have discovered that I am on my phone for at least an hour before I actually snuggle into bed. So I want to be asleep around 10 I know I need to be in bed by 9.

4. Make it a date
When I know someone is depending on me to show up I am less likely to skip the morning sweat session.

5. Never miss a Monday
I recently discovered that when I drag myself to the gym on a Monday I am more likely to have a better success rate of getting there the rest of the week as my Monday endorphins set the tone for my week.

6. Cute hair accessories
Sometimes I go to the gym in an oversized Pink shirt and look like I just rolled out of bed. However I discovered cute hair accessories are the key to keeping me motivated. I am currently loving these ones by MandaBees or Monogrammed ones from Mommy Knows Bows

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