SinfulColors: Flirt With Hearts

SinfulColors released their Valentine\’s collection, and I am absolutely smitten. The collection is made up of eight hues which includes a classic reds, pinks and surprisingly teal. Not to mention the cutest topper in the universe…. Love Sprinkles! This is definitely a striking collection and I am swooning over the pinks.

24/7: muted bright pink.
Daredevil: perfect pink with a pearl finish
Decadent: deepened red with a metallic touch
Dream On: boysenberry shade
Go Go Girl: candy apple red
Love Sprinkles: topper with flecks of glitter and hearts
Pinky Glitter: bright pink with plenty of sparkle
Rise and Shine: teal



{Love Sprinkles – my fav}

{Pinky Glitter}

{24/7 with Love Sprinkles}

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