Clarisonic vs. Spa Sonic

As soon as Clarisonic released the pink Mia I hurried to Sephora to get my own. We’ve been in a pretty intimate relationship since then. That is until I tried the Spa Sonic.

• The Spa Sonic is battery operated, whereas the Clarisonic requires a charger.

• The Spa Sonic brush head physically rotates in a circle, whereas the Clarisonic brush head vibrates.

• The Spa Sonic has no time, whereas the Clarisonic is programmed to run for one minute.

• The Spa Sonic includes four different attachments including: face brush, body brush, pumice stone and facial sponge. My Mia is only a facial brush.

The Clarisonic is notably the Rolls Royce of skincare brushes, because of the technology behind it. However the Spa Sonic is a fabulous runner up and is a great choice if love spa luxury, but don’t want to drop serious cash on a Clarisonic.
You can find the Spa Sonic for about $60 at Target and Walmart.

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