5 Fabulous First Dates

First dates can be incredibly awkward. He might ask you where you’d like to go – hello nerves! It can be a stressful decision to make, but you don’t want to say “I don’t care” and have him thinking you can’t make decisions. So here are five first date ideas that are sure to make the meeting process a little less stressful.

1. Coffee. A coffee date is a comfort date at it’s best. It’s not an overpowered surrounding and should offer a level of comfort. Even if you do not drink coffee (I don’t – I’m a chai tea girl) most places have plenty of other options. 

2. Nature Walk. Go hiking on a short hiking trail and pick a place to stop and take in a gorgeous setting for a couple minutes.

3. Zoo. Walking through a zoo can help both of you feel comfortable with each other. Plus who doesn’t love animals?

4. Bowling. As cliché as it may be bowling can be a lot of fun and a little bit of rivalry on a first date can always spice things up.

5. Vineyard or Brewery Tour. Vineyards have a romantic appeal with brewery tours will offer more fun.  

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