Hit the Trails

This post is part of a sponsored campaign with Mizuno & Fitfluential.
I have a love/hate relationship with running. I love what it does for my body, but I hate how bored I get if I’m on the treadmill or running around the neighborhood. When I lived in Pittsburgh I discovered that I absolutely loved trail running. Even though I used the same trail it was always different and you never know what you would see.

Now that I am back in Michigan I have few different trails that I enjoy running on. The change of scenery keeps me from getting bored, and I focus on other things besides how out of breath I am at that moment.

Mizuno recently offered to send me a pair of their new Wave Kazan. The Wave Kazan are an all-terrain shoe made to go from pavement to trail and back again. Up until this point I never had a shoe that was actually designed for hitting the trails, and let me tell you the shoe you wear makes a HUGE difference.
5 Tips for Exploring New Trails
• Don’t forget water.
• Be safe. Unless you bring a friend you’ll be by yourself so pay attention to your environment and the time of day you go.
• Make note of “landmarks” such as powerlines, bridges..etc.
• Wear proper shoes.
• A trail map or GPS will be your best friend.

Let’s talk about the shoe:
• They’re only 8 ounces!! That’s super light for a trail shoe. The reason I have avoiding trail shoes is I hate the extra bulky weight.
• Super versatile and comfortable.
• Decoupled X-groove midsole adapts to uneven surfaces.
• X-lug outsole digs into soft ground and grips dry rocks or roots.
• Soles are strong and protect your feet from anything you may encounter.
• The transition from asphalt to a gravel uneven terrain was flawless.
• You can definitely feel the terrain however your feet are completely protected which is a huge positive. I actually wore a pair of Asics out trail running and ended up with a stick in my foot – not a fun experience.
• I’m a size 7 and the fit is perfect.
• Super stylish featuring a fun color and design.
• If you run trails the Wave Kazan is a must-have!
• Definitely worth the $120 price tag.

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