Doggy Discovery: Wondercide

 {Wondercide Natural Pet Products}

I live in a highly wooded area and as you can imagine my yard is constantly filled with new animals – most recently a set of twin fawns. Jack current prescribed flea and tick medicine makes him itch, cry and I am pretty sure it burns him – as you can imagine I am not a fan of it. That’s when I was introduced to Wondercide, line of natural products that I now could not live without.

Skin Tonic is a must have product for your pet. Just as we get dry, itchy or irritated skin or pups do as well.  Skin Tonic is great for you and me and our pups as well! Since I started using it on Jack he’s no longer itching like crazy. I highly recommend this if you live in a cooler state for fall and winter, your pet will thank you!
EVOLV is an all natural flea and tick treatment for dogs and cats. It not only repels, but kills on contact. If you are concerned about the chemicals you\’re putting on your pet this is a great alternative. Since I started using this with Jack I have not found one flea or tick attached to him.

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