30 Summer Date Ideas

The temperatures are heating up, and I’m sharing 30 summer date ideas you and your beau are sure to adore. Leave a comment with any ideas you have!
30 Summer Date Ideas
1. Go to a drive-in movie.
2. Visit the zoo or your local aquarium.
3. Go for a starlit walk.
4. Take a cooking class.
5. Fly a kite in the park.
6. Hang out at a bonfire
7. Go stargazing.
8. Visit an amusement park.
9. Escape the summer heat and catch a show.
10. Take dance lessons.
11. Plan a picnic.
12. Check out a free summer concert.
13. Go to a baseball game.
14. Take a sunset hike.
15. Backyard camping.
16. Take a trip to your local winery for some wine tasting.
17. Go rollerblading.
18. Be a tourist in your own town.
19.  Enjoy a trip to your local ice cream shop.
20. Take a hot air balloon ride.
21. Go fishing together.
22. Take a road trip.
23. Enjoy a walk along the beach.
24. Go rock climbing.
25. Play putt-putt
26. Watch the sun rise or set.
27. Go go-cart racing.
28.  Swing at a park.
29. Have a nerf war.
30. Hit up a farmers market.

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