The Best Sunscreen: For Your Face

On Monday I had a dermatology appointment and we got talking about sunscreen. The conversation was so informative I knew I had to share what I had learned with you! One of the common problems with people avoiding putting sunscreen on their face is the fact it’s oily and will cause breakouts almost instantly. Well Dr. Julie recommended some great over the counter sunscreens that will not only protect your skin from aging, but also prevent breakouts.

4 Comments on “The Best Sunscreen: For Your Face

  1. I need to try these. I used an Aveeno one last weekend and it seriously made my face white as a ghost it was awful!


  2. I use CeraVe like it's my job. My face literally craves their PM moisturizer (even though it's PM I use it in the morning too), so the second the SPF came out I snatched it up. Seriously the best stuff.


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