Meet Jack

{formally introducing Jack}
I have gotten a lot of question about my puppy Jack so I figured I would formally introduce you to him. I have never owned a pet before, and my college roommate Amber can confirm that I am not an “animal person”…at all. As a matter of fact, I always found it weird when people would call their pets their “kids” or allow their dog to kiss them. Let me take you to one chilly Tuesday afternoon in November when my mum and I went to the mall to get lunch, and after lunch I became the proud owner of Jack the cutest little Morkie (Maltese+Yorkie) weighing in at just over a pound.
*note: I did not buy him from a puppy mill pet store. 
{at the pet store}

How he got his name: After going through many names and having none match him, or him barking because he hated it my mum called him a \”Jack Rabbit\” and he got excited. When he left the room I said \”Jack\” and he came running. After three hours of owning Jack he picked and knew his name.
Random Jack Facts:
• Hates me on the computer.

• Loves to be hand fed.
• Loves fashion as much as his mommy.
• Is being a pistol about potty training!
• Loves all things monkey.
• Will be your best friend if you call him a cute puppy.

17 Comments on “Meet Jack

  1. Eeeep! he is so cute 😀 I bet you are calling him your baby now though?! Am I right?!! hehe! I am so glad you never got him from a puppy mill pet store, absolutely despicable places!Although your right not to let him lick your face…. when dogs do that it is an instinctual behaviour that all dogs have from when they were wolves and they do this to make you be sick so they can eat it… Lovely!! Wild dogs do this in the wild still today! When i see dog owners letting their dogs do that, I always think oh why are you doing that? its not cause they love you and are giving you kisses its because you are the boss and they want to eat your already eaten food!! HeheEnjoy Jack! :DJen xxx


  2. I adore him!Potty training is the worst! But I see you have a crate so thats good!im sure since you have a backyard that you let Jack outside whenever he comes out of the crate to teach him how to hold it.


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