DIY: Monogrammed Pumpkin

When it comes to monograms I follow the same rule as Reese Witherspoon “….if it’s not moving-monogram it!”. On a recent trip to Michaels I spotted their faux pumpkins for half off. While Pinterest was full of faux pumpkin ideas featuring glitter, polka dots and lots of paint, my approach was different. I decided to carve my monogram into the pumpkin, creating a perfect statement piece for the balcony or end table. 

{create your monogram}
{trace the monogram onto the pumpkin}
 {cut the letters out with a paring knife}
{add a flicking LED candle}

22 Comments on “DIY: Monogrammed Pumpkin

  1. This has got to be the cutest pumpkin I've seen! I haven't had time to get make one, but now I want to run out and buy a pumpkin to carve.


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