Autumn Leaf Sugar Cookies

When fall arrives, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is my favorite place to be for a picturesque color display. After a recent tunnel of trees color tour I became inspired to incorporate the colors I had seen, and decided to create some leaves of my own in the form of sugar cookies.  Make up a batch of your favorite sugar cookies, frost them, and allow the cookies to harden over night. Using edible color markers draw veins onto the leaves; allow 30 minutes to dry. Spray leaves with Wilton Color Mist -yellow followed by orange and lastly red.(I bought the edible markers and color mist at Michaels)

{this is what they will look like while they are wet}

15 Comments on “Autumn Leaf Sugar Cookies

  1. Wow!!! you are so talented!!Ok…quick question. I'm doing a \”bubble\” themed birthday party for Walker next week. Any suggestions on cookies or cakes that would look good with that theme?


  2. Yum yum yum! I love cut outs in fall colors and these look like they could be in a shop they're so cute! Can't wait to decorate mine, these look fantastic!


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