A View From The Porch

Earlier in the year I took a trip to Louisiana. It was my first time in the south and immediately I fell in love with the nostalgic towns featuring cobblestone sidewalks, monogrammed gates and elaborate porches. The porches were like nothing I had ever seen before, large or small they were decorated and awaiting Mardi Gras. While admiring the porches in the Garden District one of the home owners informed me that the porch is the first thing people see when they pass by or enter the house, and it’s important to decorate like you would a room in your home. Ever since that moment I have been dreaming of having the perfect porch to decorate. Here are some of my favorite fall porches. Do you decorate your porch?

12 Comments on “A View From The Porch

  1. Makes me wish I had a porch! My parents always decorate theirs beautifully with tons of flowers and pretty hanging baskets.


  2. We don't decorate ours except for the occassional wreath which you can't see cause of our storm door 😦 I'm definitely going to try this holiday season though!Newest follower 🙂


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