20 ways to spend an autumn day

1. Visit a cider mill and enjoy cider and donuts
2. Make a batch of your favorite cookies
3. Take pictures in the leaves
4. Make caramel apples
5. Tailgate at a football game
6. Buy a fabulous new sweater
7. Make caramel corn
8. Build a scarecrow
9. Bake a pie
10. Go for a nature hike
11. Visit an orchard and pick apples or pumpkins
12. Construct an autumn wreath
13. Go on a hayride
14. Create your own candles
15. Have a picnic
16. Make popcorn balls
17. Visit a craft show or flea market
18. Create leaf art
19. Bake a loaf of homemade bread
20. Host a pumpkin carving party

23 Comments on “20 ways to spend an autumn day

  1. I've completed several of those items already and have plans for a few more this week/weekend. Carmel Corn and popcorn balls are a must this week-thanks for the idea!


  2. Well all I can mark off of this list is that I bought a cute sweater, but I want to do it ALL! Your wreath is gorgeous by the way :)xx Emily


  3. GREAT list! I need to save this. My brother has never had caramel apple so I plan on making a fresh batch this October 🙂


  4. I am super excited that fall is officially here! I can't wait to do as many autumn activities as I can before it snows!SHFthechroniclesofs.blogspot.com


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