DIY: Stretch Bracelet

Recently one of my favorite things to do at night to wind down is watch TV and create jewelry. I have been drawn to really simple and delicate necklaces and bracelets, but after a recent trip to Michaels I found some faux pearls in a variety of colors and sizes that are perfect for creating quick and easy bracelets. The best part of these bracelets is no jewelry experience is needed. So no matter what your skill level is you can put your own spin on these bracelets.

 Tools: beads, scissors, Stretch Magic (you can use .7mm or .5), ruler and a bead board is optional

Step 1: Measure your wrist and cut your Stretch Magic three to four inches larger. For instance I have a six inch wrist so I cut my Stretch Magic to nine inches long. You want the extra length for easy tying when you finish.

Step 2: Begin to thread your beads onto your Stretch Magic. Be sure to hold the opposite end so your beads to not fall off.

Step 3: Continue to thread your beads until you reach your desired length. I recommend carefully wrapping around your wrist.

 Step 4: First cross over the two ends, then with your right-hand, wrap around two times.

 Step 5: It should now look like this.

Step 6: Pull each end to tighten making sure the beads have come together. Keeping the first knot secure, repeat steps 4 and 5. Make sure the knot is tight and has fully closed, then trim ends to finish.

9 Comments on “DIY: Stretch Bracelet

  1. this is very dangerous to learn. ! want! especially in pink! :-)I hope some of these end up in the etsy store too.


  2. These are so gorgeous!! Can't believe you made this bracelet yourself. And it definitely looks easy enough… something I could accomplish haha. Thanks for the tutorial 🙂


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