Prepping for Game Day

let\’s go shopping: 1/2/3/4/5

The countdown to college kickoff is quickly approaching, and I have already been prepping the outfits for University of Michigan tailgates. During the warmer months of football season I like to wear outfits that coordinate the team’s colors, such as a maize sundress paired with blue accessories. My hair is always up and accompanied by a matching ribbon. Above you will see the outfit I will be wearing to U of M’s home opener (unless temperatures drop drastically. Now it’s your turn…. tell me what school you’ll be rooting for and what you wear to football games.

11 Comments on “Prepping for Game Day

  1. My husband and I root for the Oregon Ducks! I usually wear a Hello Kitty Oregon ducks shirt with jeans and sneakers or a game day ducks shirt with jeans and sneakers. I dont dress up much for sporting events 🙂


  2. I love your choice. My husband went to Virginia tech so I'll be wearing maroon and orange and will be watching from home since I'll be close to my due date!Yay, can't wait for football to start.


  3. I'm a Virginia Tech girl. I don't go to games but we frequently have \”game day\” where the students and teachers sport attire from their favorite school and I deck myself out in maroon and orange on those days.


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