Intimate Bagel Brunch

I love the combination of sweet and savory foods, so it probably comes as no surprise that brunch is my favorite meal. Yesterday I had my mum over for a simple bagel brunch.  It was the perfect end to the weekend.
Fashion Tip: When hosting brunch pair your outfit with a color apron so you do not end up wearing the food before you sit down.
Beauty Tip: Stick with a simple morning look featuring mascara and lip gloss.
{fresh fruit bowls}
{champagne cupcakes with white chocolate frosting}

17 Comments on “Intimate Bagel Brunch

  1. yum yum. I never understood the need for an apron until I spilled batter on my blouse. Its definitely a good thing to throw on while cooking.


  2. Those champagne cupcakes looks amazing! Our sorority chef would always make us champagne cake for important events and it's my FAVORITE! I also love how you made the cantaloupe fruit bowls. You're a super hostess!


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