Five Things

 {new favorite way to wear my hair: a curly bouncy ponytail}
This week felt like it was never going to end, but it also had high points. Time spent watching the Olympics… Phelps becoming the most decorated Olympian, the USA winning gold for women’s gymnastics, fall shoe shopping and my best friend (of forever) became an uncle to the cutest little angel. My weekend will consist of a trip to the zoo, a picnic in the park and time spent poolside. What are your weekend plans?
 {crossing the mackinac bridge is always bittersweet}
 {current nail polish: noot by zoya}
 {handmade collar necklace}
{current favorite dessert: fruit kabobs}

21 Comments on “Five Things

  1. Love your ponytail! I am dying for my hair to just grow another 6 inches longer so I can do more cute hairstyles, like yours!


  2. Bouncy ponytails are so fun! I wear my hair up so much in the summer, this is a great way to make it look cute and get it off of my shoulders!Have a great weekend! xo


  3. Love your pony and congrats to your BFF on becoming an uncle!!!!! I just became an aunt and it is amazing spoiling the baby.


  4. Just found your blog and I'm absolutely obsessed!!! It's so great! Your ponytail looks amazing in this photo! I'm following you now!


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