DIY: No Slip Hangers

My closet is filled with dresses, blouses, and all things that have a tendency to slip off hangers.  As the amount of these items grew in my closet so did the lost and found in the middle of it. I couldn’t keep my clothes on the hangers, and wanted a budget friendly way to keep my clothes from falling to the floor. That is when I started to use pipe cleaners as my “no slip surface”. 

{Place the pipe cleaner on the top shoulder section of the hanger.}

 {Wrap the pipe cleaner tightly around the hanger until you run out.}

{Add a second pipe cleaner into the one you already wrapped on the hanger.}

 {The pipe cleaner should have little to no gaps on the hanger when finished.}
 {Repeat on the other side.}
{final result}

22 Comments on “DIY: No Slip Hangers

  1. Did you get the Lilly State of Mind dress with the bow on the sleeve?!? I loved that one, but it didn't look too great on me. What a great idea with the pipe cleaners, very clever!xx Emily


  2. Seriously you are so creative – I wish I had just an iota of your creativity!! I might just have to steal this idea & use it myself…thanks so much for sharing 🙂


  3. This is awesome! I HATE when my dresses or shirts fall off. It's so annoying! I'm totally ging to try this!! And I love that you chose hot pink-my favorite color!


  4. Awesome – I have the hugable hangers and they are great but a bit too expensive for me to get them for all of my clothes!


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