How to: Make Fresh Flowers Last

As you may know fresh flowers are a necessity in my house. Years ago my mum came up with a brilliant way of prolonging the life of fresh flowers; not only is it affordable, but simple. The secret: add equal parts of water and 7UP into your vase… that\’s it!  I have had roses last beyond two weeks, tulips never fall over and last longer than normal.

{use equal parts water and 7UP for long fasting flowers}

• Update: It has to be regular 7UP NOT diet – the flowers like the sugar

24 Comments on “How to: Make Fresh Flowers Last

  1. It's been a while, but I've actually heard of that. Another way is to crush up some asprin and put it in the water. Thanks for reminding me!XO


  2. No way!!! I seriously love fresh flowers but struggle I keep them alive for longer than 5-6 days. I will definitely try this, thanks for the tip!


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