Attention to Small Detail

Penny\’s Signature Home Scent: Pomegranate Sage

A lingering scent can be that essential finishing touch to a simple home change or a gorgeous interior design project. My dad\’s friend Penny is an interior designer, and she informed me that whenever she completes an interior design project for a client she always lights a few of her signature scented candles before she leaves (if they are home of course). She also informed me that creating a mood is not just about the colors on your wall, but attention to small details such as candles. A signature scent is a candle that is not used seasonally in your home, but year round. – so how do you get that scent?

Considering this when choosing a home scent. The scent should compliment your décor. A fresh pine scent does not make sense in a beach house, however a Frasier Fur scent does make sense in an up north cabin.  A modern space is clean so accentuate with clean fragrance. If your house has earth tones go for a more earthy scent such as vanilla or a fruit and spice mixture.

Universally pleasing smell. Fresh citrus and fruity candles are a great option that everyone can enjoy.

 Other options to candles. Buy reed diffusers! Reeds will scent up to a three foot radius which means you can have a different fragrance in each room of your home.

{my signature scent: Yankee Candle Cherry Lemonade}

One last thing I just discovered Linnea\’s Lights Hand Poured Natural Soy Candles. The candles burn so clean, and they come in very unique scents. One of these candles would definitely make a great signature scent if you are in need of one.

So tell me what is your signature scent?

20 Comments on “Attention to Small Detail

  1. I've worn my perfume for the last 5 years+ and it's Euphoria by CK. For the home, I like the smell of Lavender. I'm actually looking to buy more scented candles and stuff to jazz up our guest bedroom and bathroom!


  2. I love pumpkin candles! Even when it is completely inappropriate to have pumpkin out, like in April. Cherry lemonade sounds AMAZING! I may have to try that…


  3. I'm sad to say that I use a Christmas scent all year round because it smells so good! It's Bath and Body Works 'Tis the Season'


  4. I love the Reed diffusers! my Stepmom has them and everytime I go to their house I just bask in the essence. I love candles too. I have tea lights all over but those don't do much for smell. I buy the big yankee candle ones for the bathroom but keep them hidden when they're not in use as the big label is kind of an eye sore. Everyone always suggest incense for smell too but to me, that just reminds me of college so I never want to go that route.


  5. I'm a Scentsy fiend and I tend to use Satin Sheets… a crisp, clean, sweet smell. It reminds me of a cozy home 🙂 but I use different scents according to seasons because I can haha


  6. Hey! I tagged you in a fun little bloggy Q & A thing if you want to play along! No pressure, though. :)


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