Two Ingredient Fudge

Happy Valentine\’s Day Dolls! With the hustle and bustle of everyday life sometime we don\’t have time to make a Valentine\’s treat. Here is a simple recipe that will take you no time at all. You can even cut it out into hearts using a cookie cutter.

 You Will Need
1 container (16 oz) Strawberry Frosting
1 package (12 oz)  Premier White Chocolate
9×9 glass dish sprayed with cooking oil

I added 1 Tablespoon of canola oil to my white chocolate before defrosting it for two minutes and forty seconds in the microwave.

 Mix around the white chocolate to make sure it is all melted

 Mix your frosting in with your melted chocolate.

 You will want to mix quickly so that it does not set in your bowl.

Spread onto your prepared dish and add sprinkles if you would like. Place in the refrigerator for 35 minutes – which will allow your fudge to set properly.

Quick and Easy.

27 Comments on “Two Ingredient Fudge

  1. My friend shared this recipe with me, and I about died. Canned frosting is one of my favorite things ever. And now you're telling me I can make a fudge out of it?! This could be dangerous.


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