Five Things

 {chocolate cupcake on my new cute cupcake stand from my Mum}
This week has been filled with getting things back in order from my trip, creating confections in the kitchen, shopping with my Mum and creating cutesy crafts. This weekend I will be putting together my Mum\’s Valentine\’s basket, and doing some more crafting. What are you up to this weekend?
 {Macaroons from Sucre}
 {reuse green onions to grow your own}

Next time you have green onions submerge the white ends in a glass of water and place by a sunny window. Onions grow almost immediately. I just started growing these.

 {the making of Mardi Gras floats}
{white tulips were my flowers of choice this week}

20 Comments on “Five Things

  1. Yum, macaroons! I have a boatload of work to do this weekend, but I'll hopefully be able to sneak in at least a little downtime, too.


  2. I really want to learn how to make macaroon's… or maybe just find a really great place to buy them 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Winter Carnival is going on up here, so I'll be joining in on those festivities!


  3. I love those tulips, they are like a breath of fresh air!! So lovely. I also could go for a chocolate cupcake right about now…delicious. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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