Accessorize with Color

I am adoring pops of color when it comes to accessorizing. It is the perfect way to spice up an otherwise neutral outfit.  I am not one to wear brighter clothing so I always fall back on my accessories. With spring just around the corner bright colors are popping up all over. So tell me would you rather accessorize with bright colors or wear the bright and bold hues?

38 Comments on “Accessorize with Color

  1. So fun! I love a good pop of color. I have been wanting one of those wrap around TB bracelets for a while now. Love 'em!


  2. I loveeeeeeeee that purse. I accentuate wtih bright colors, and a black purse. I love that purse, but it's hot pink and $400, so I'd invest in a cheaper bright colored bag instead. Great picks.


  3. I love bright colors, but as far as my wardrobe goes I'm much more into earthy tone. I do love that Kate Spade necklace, too bad it is $298 eeek!


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